Theos A defi smart contract platform to lend and stake digital assets to grow your future

3 min readNov 10, 2021


The great way to earn and generate profit is staking and lending and investment made in the right platform opens up the future of million making opportunity.

What is staking and lending?

Prior to the staking and lending , mining cryptos was the only way to earn more cryptos. After that staking and lending came in the light.

Staking and lending are two different concepts but often used interchangeably. Both are used for earning tokens but the risks and rewards attached to them are different in their own terms.

Staking cryptos means to distribute or delegate some of the tokens to certain blockchains and locking them for a specific period of time. In return you earn rewards in the form of tokens. Some of the cryptocurrencies offer higher interest rates on staking depending upon its type and value.

Still there are many benefits and risks attached to it because cryptos are volatile and stakers are not guaranteed anything but apart from this it could be a better option for growing crypto holdings.

Whereas lending cryptos refers to the generating passive income by lending our tokens and cryptos to some other traders or defi platforms. It works on the principle that the more you lend your cryptos the higher you earn rewards.

Both lending and staking are normally used in the industry but the as defined above, the staking revolves around the network security and lending revolves around the liquidity.

Theos is one of the fastest and growing protocol in the decentralized finance industry

Theos is a defi smart contract platform built on Binance smart chain technology. This platform offers staking and lending any cryptocurrency across the world. All the transaction fee is charged through theos token.

Theos token is the official token of theos which carried out all its operations.

This the most trusted decentralized finance partner in the defi world. It offers you rewards on your staking depending on your tenure. The total staking tenure is of 24 months.

The tokens can be withdrawal in a ways

v 30% of the total deposited tokens can be withdrawal in 8 months

v 30% of the total deposited tokens(30% + 30%) can be withdrawal in 16 months and

v 100% of the total balance can be withdrawal in 24 months

Theos can be considered as secured asset for your future to grow safe and secured. This is indeed a growing and evolving ecosystem to achieve maximum returns at your digital assets which helps in profit generation and building future instantly.

Also, theos token pre-sale is going to be live soon.

So, get ready with your wallets and buy more tokens at lower price and experience the growth and boost in your income.

Now is the high time to hold your future in your hand with theos token.

Do not the miss this opportunity!

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A decentralized finance autonomous smart contract platform, which is built on Binance smart contract Technology.


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